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   I have just wanted to make stuff for as long as I can remember. There has never been a clear definition, concept or title within reaching distance for me to sum up what I have been doing. Fueling it, whether or not it is just, is a berserk feeling I discovered only after my dad died shortly after I turned 21. Unregrettably, I never felt comfortable in my own skin before that event. In retrospect, I believe I was perpetually nervous in my youth due to the never feeling supported or encouraged to pursue what I was interested in. Aspects of my creative process today absolutely existed in my youth, but a blanket of fear never let me truly express or push any of it the way I dreamed of.
   My earliest artistic inspirations came from our 100+ cats we had growing up on our "farm". Dragon mythology took over for a brief period after I grew out of that, and once my cousin Ian introduced me to Magic the Gathering it was game over. I owe so much of my passion to create the things I do to Magic and the first two Diablo games, both of which were introduced to me by Ian.

   After my dad died I really treated art as a therapy before anything else, but as time went on it became much more about me. I am in everything I make. There is a story behind it all and it's always about me.

   It took me way too long to realize that the people very close to you just want to see you at your best. A lot of times, or at least in my case, you don't push for your best until you lose one of those people very close to you, as a source of motivation, as a source to make them proud and to leave a mark on the planet. The key to all of this is, that, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOMEONE VERY CLOSE TO YOU TO DIE IN ORDER TO BE YOUR BEST. JUST BE YOUR BEST. GO. RIP Tevin Draper I love you and I miss you. RIP Turnip. RIP Buddy. RIP Pal. RIP Ganz. I miss my kitty cat brethren. Rip daddy-o. RIP BÖBE. RIP sweet little mountain mama Peijão. RIP you avalanche-for-a-heart, Cherry Spritz. RIP Lambo. RIP Weegee. RIP tha Nuzzla.

   I'm just trying to get done what I can get done before I die.

   Hi Tay & Yuna & Vera :) I love you guys so much

website created November 2016

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