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band names

Cancer Angle

Anything to 40
Up The Ass
Big Rig Bass
Truth, Straight Down the Barrel
Gypsy Moth Control
Fart Locker
I'll Buy You a Pizza
11 Dudes Matching
Everytime I Scry

Guaranteed Squirtle
White People Suck
Decent Piece
______ Has Two Vaginas
The Fred Dursts
Anal Birth
Counting Corners
Kill Me Now
Pizza Moguls
Fart Vendor
Bitter Melons
Modified Rat
The Drew Barrymore's
Shitting Bricks
Not Larry David
Nonemergency Hotline
The Insecurity Guards
Giant Dads
Fucked By Dairy Queen
Selling Feature
Meat Diary
Hispanic at the Disco
Funeral for a Fart
Lost in the Sauce
Stolen Diaper Regalia
Thirty Sanchez
Piss Rally
Bad Strategy
Reaction Bronson
The Whiter Stripes
Tormented Sandwich
Your Mom is My Dad
Furniture That Kills
Everyone's Dad
Dinosaur Hammer XL
Breaking Benjamin's Head Open
Say Hi to Mom
In Bruce Willis We Trust
Math Allergy
Cumsock Enema
Pissing Contest
10 Foot Loaf
Diarrhea Diorama
Rape Escape
Assisted Living
333 Dildos
Baby Names
203 Blunts B4 Bed
Bathroom Bar Mitzvah
Queens of the Bonage
Eye Screamery
Madonna's Kids
Nobody Likes Nanaimo
Send It
Jarrett's Bass
Banana Mint!
A Perfect Towel
Greg's Mom
Loig Rasta
Daft Kunt
Ten Black Wizards
Heavy Faggot
Toilet Wishes
Banana's by the each
Sriracha Bath
Robot Transvestite
yupi.uu is a lesbian
Donkey Slammer
American Boner
The Danko Jonestown Massacre
Ten Inch Tails
Lime Scented Laundry
Infinite Boner
Ghost 69
Tim Allen's Dad
The Waxed Assholes
My Third Leg
Diaz 1, 2 & 5
Give Me Back My Sandwich
My Best Friend's Mom
Planet Dilf
Devin Townsend's Other Project
Birth Defect
Wizard Paste
Earl's Sweatshirt
What's Up Jacob
Goose Hoarder
Cat Bakery
Marry the Octopus
Beagles of Death Metal
Vegetable Friends
Absolutely Boring
No Money No Candy
Sponsored By Tinder
My Sister's Blisters
Fake Passport
Pizza College
What's Eating Dilbert's Drapes
Shot By George Clooney
We Sold Our Souls for Peanut Butter
Death By Caterpillar
Kangaroo Bar Fight
Chinese Hamburger
Tape Collection
Permanent Boner
Avocado Pity
Ancient Utensil
Vertical Driveway
The George Michaels
Don't Touch Me There
Back Off
Salted Ketchup
Bus Driver Olympics
Not Enough Sauce
I'll Have What She's Not Having
Octopus Painter
No Credentials
Doctor's Apprentice
Sister Fister
Tetnis Shots
Keys to the RIP
Laundry Attempt
We Sold Our Brother for Lemonade
Close the Door Please
The Itch Downstairs
Invisible Mascot
Inverted Urethra
Musical Electric Chairs
Six Hour Flirt
Strawberry Colonoscopy
Evander Holyfield's Ear
Acid Uncles
Give Candice Your Lice
Naked and Obese
Sucked Off!
Without Teeth
Cheese Mitten
Alien Sex
The Umpire Strikes Back
The Backup Dillinger Escape Plan
Retirement Plan
Juice Boxing
She Deserved It
Roll for Crit Scry
One Sided Dice
Hyperactive Diaperdrive
Mayonnaise Addict
Not Afraid to Fart
Jim's Beans
Microscope Doner
Microscopic Boner
Lonesome Boner
Elaborate Suicide
Which Head is Bleeding
Piss Rocket
Milk Jug Foundation
Annual Disco
Grandmother Inc.
Play Outside
Food Auction
Contemplate This!
The Donairs
Fart Attack
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 69
101 Dalmatians and All They Want is Cake
Fart Dancer
Fart Hospital
Fart Laboratory
Cheesecake, Cheesecake
Pebble Men
Divine Intervention
Puke Circle
Sperm Count
Sperm Counter
Counting Sperm
Count Spermula
Llama Hotline International
Potato Allergy
Gay Volcano
Rainbow Mullet
Ham Candy Death Sentence
Shaving Dream
Pancake Army
Damnit Bryce
Noodle Hangover
Glass Chin
Second Sequel
Lock the Front Door
Rake Vendor
Ham Cannon Invitational
Southern Mouth
Simpler Plan
French Toaster
The Chinese Connection
Lemonade Grandstand
Rubbin' Knubs
Dick Sheathe
Syndrome of a Down
Acidic Jews
Spunky Brüster
The Pretty Graphics
No One Asked
Darkest Roast
Mediocre Loot
Fuck the French
Orange Hole
The Ben Stillers
Jeff's Dick
40oz Toothpaste
Off My Rocker
Gay Bakery
The Couch Outside
Yojimbo Outside
Shit Boy
Triple C
Winners, Bitch
Count My Dick
Vampire Hostel
Infinite Daydream
Another Burial
Remember Tomorrow
Grandmother's Pants
Ancient Craving
Still Hungry
Hellfire Crotch
An Old Friend
First Kiss
Funeral Charmer
Christ Fister
Together Again
Lost in the Sauce
Dick Slumber
cook my cock on a wok and call me oriental
Pokemon No
Dumb Dick
Poon Smell
Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself
Make Fuck
Vaginal Discharge
Pigsaw Jizzles
Hispanic at the Disco
Rubbin' Knubs
Boot Scoot Her Boogie
Fuck you Flaccid
Cummy Tummy
Dusan Mandic
The Hard R
Foaming at the Pants
A Gift Wrapped in Latex
Sperm Rider
Sperm Supplier
Grown Up Cum
Lamb Sauce
Nipple Fighters
Awesomely Agenda Forever
Iron Banana
Citrus Derivative
Daniel's Boner
Caught Sexting
bb wan sum fuk
Aids Victim
The Aids Victims
Your Penis
Cum Dodger
The Cum Dodgers
Fake and Gay
Lump Sum Cum Dump
Diaper Fighter
Page 69
Poo Mountain
Shit Puppet
Serpent Puppy
Seven Litres of Beef
Transgender Transformers
Baptism Lifeguard
Stinky Poo Boys
Wiener Wallet
The Ladders
Secret Flavour
The Vitamins
12 Inches of Cock
Fashionably Late
Urine Tuition
Cuck My Sock
Bottle Dad
Tall, stupid, and ready to pee
Long Bitch
Billy Barrier
Vaginal Gadgets
Hypothetical Rhino
Tarantula Piss
Pube Auction
Gay Rabbit
Action Rats
The Dads
Peanut Butter and Toejam
Summertime Spritz
Duncan Doughnuts
Dank Account
Everytime I Pee
Porcupine Fence
Tha Nuzzla
What the Nuzz?
Armbar! Armbar!
Bathroom Break
Traid Bait
Help Wayne Wright
Awful Thought
Butt Huntress
Ping Pong Reservoir
Guess What? Timmy's Gay
Tied for Flyers
Fo Dat, We Liv
Gayer than Greg
David and the Diamond Penis
The Safety Susans
Pissed Off for being Pissed On
Gay Rabbit
What the Pup
Hot Dog Funeral
Sandwich Brothers
Hands Like Beef Chow Mein
Milling Up
Formerly Gay


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