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   I have now eased into my hiatus from my drawing and painting. My creative effort and confidence is gradually being invested into writing & music for the foreseeable future, after the priority of my beautiful fiancé Taylor and our two stellar babies Yuna & Vera is fulfilled. I am working on a small musical release titled "ANOTHER SAD DANCE" that I am expecting to release late 2024. I am working on a book titled "MY APOCALYPSE" more so than ever now that was initially conceived in 2013. This is not a message eliminating my desire to create a new patch, print, MTG token or sticker, but that desire has radically dwindled over the last few years.

  I am no longer beating myself up with guilt having not released new material. Thanks to everyone that has meaningfully invested into my family and kept genuinely curious about how we are doing. Life is well.

cheers :)


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