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MTG tokens available at WWW.XAXABEL.ETSY.COM
all print sizes are limited to 10 copies each

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/001+ Angel [3/3 Flying]
/004+ Angel [3/3 Flying]

/001+ Angel [4/4 Flying]
/011+ Angel [4/4 Flying]

/001 Angel [4/4 Flying; Vigilance]
/002+ Angel [4/4 Flying; Vigilance]
/004+ Angel [4/4 Flying; Vigilance]

/001+ Clue (lie detector)
/005+ Clue (lie detector)

/001+ Dinosaur (stay away from knives)
/004+ Dinosaur (stay away from knives)

Floating Black Mana Tracker x4

Floating Colourless Mana Tracker x9

/001+ Mirror-Sigil Sergeant
/006+ Mirror-Sigil Sergeant

/001+ No Sympathy for Fools
/007+ No Sympathy for Fools

/001 Skeleton Wizard (#83 event)
/002+ Skeleton Wizard (#83 event)

/001 Spirit (kasja)
/002+ Spirit (kasja)
/006 Spirit (kasja)
/007+ Spirit (kasja)
/010+ Spirit (kasja)
/012 Spirit (kasja)
/013 Spirit (kasja)
/014+ Spirit (kasja)

/001+ Spirit (kasja)[full art]
/003+ Spirit (kasja)[full art]
/009+ Spirit (kasja)[full art]

/001+ the.
/005+ the.

/001 - 007 Special Edition Thrull
           (do not leave me spinning) 

/001 Zombie (tombstoner)
/002+ Zombie (tombstoner)


No0000001 No More Light

No0000002 No More Light

No0000003 Bear (grizzly fate, black border)

No0000004 Destroyer

No0000005 Destroyer

No0000006 Destroyer

No0000007 Destroyer

No0000008 Bear (grizzly fate, black border)

No0000009 Not Derelor

No0000010 Son of Derelor

No0000011 Son of Derelor

No0000012 Son of Derelor

No0000013 Son of Derelor

No0000014 Bear

No0000015 Bear

No0000016 Bear

No0000017 Bear

No0000018 Soldier (歌う, white 05/05)

No0000019 Soldier (歌う, pink)

No0000020 Soldier (歌う, green

No0000021 Soldier (歌う, blue)

No0000022 Soldier (歌う, purple)

No0000023 Soldier (歌う, white 01/05)

No0000024 Soldier (歌う, white 02/05)

No0000025 Soldier (歌う, white 03/05)

No0000026 Soldier (歌う, white 04/05)

No0000027 Pack Rat (pack rat)

No0000028 Sliver (dare sliver)

No0000029 Dragon [orange](4/4)

No0000030 Mirror-Sigil Sergeant

No0000031 Mirror-Sigil Sergeant

No0000037 Dragon [blue](4/4)

No0000041 Dragon [blue](5/5)

No0000043 Dragon [blue](6/6)

No0000051 Dragon [orange](5/5)

No0000052 Dragon [orange](6/6)

No0000061 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

No0000062 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

No0000064 Drake [blue]

No0000065 Drake [purple]

No0000104 Squirrel [Pre-Boseju] 

No0000106 Squirrel [Pre-Boseju]

   /020 ALPHA (2018)

001/020 Ashley I

002/020 Ashley II

003/020 Bear (Arcade 1/2)

004/020 Bear (Arcade 2/2)

005/020 Bear (Full Art Light, Black 1ED)

006/020 Bear (Full Art Light, White 1ED)

007/020 Bear (Full Art Dark, Black 1ED)

008/020 Bear (Full Art Dark, White 1ED)

009/020 Cheddy

010/020 Dragon (Arcade)

011/020 Dragon (Light)

012/020 Dragon (Light, Website)

013/020 Dragon (Dark)

014/020 Human

015/020 Serf (Arcade 1/3)

016/020 Serf (Arcade 2/3)

017/020 Serf (Arcade 3/3)

018/020 Sing (1ED, White)

019/020 Soldier

020/020 Warrior

  /010 GIFT SET I (4.20.2020)

01/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

02/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

03/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

04/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

05/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

06/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

07/10 Thrull [1/1](do not leave me spinning)

08/10 Wurm [3/3, deathtouch](lich)

09/10 Wurm [3/3, lifelink](lich)

10/10 Zombie [full art](a hell of infinities)


No0000001 Jesus of Suburbia

No0000002 Jesus of Suburbia

No0000003 Destroyer

No0000004 Destroyer

No0000005 Deathscythe

No0000006 Deathscythe

No0000007 Destroyer

No0000008 Deathscythe

No0000009 Destroyer

No0000010 Deathscythe

No0000011 Bear

No0000012 Bear

No0000013 Bear

No0000014 Bear

No0000015 Bear

No0000016 Bear

No0000017 Bear

No0000018 Bear

No0000019 Bear

No0000020 Bear

No0000021 Bear [full art]

No0000022 Bear [full art]

No0000023 Bear [full art]

No0000024 Bear [full art]

No0000025 Bear [full art]

No0000026 Bear [full art]

No0000027 Squirrel

No0000028 Squirrel

No0000029 Squirrel

No0000030 Squirrel

No0000031 Squirrel

No0000032 Squirrel

No0000033 Squirrel

No0000034 Squirrel

No0000035 Squirrel

No0000036 Squirrel

No0000037 Squirrel

No0000038 Squirrel

No0000039 Squirrel

No0000040 Squirrel

No0000041 Squirrel

No0000042 Squirrel

No0000043 Squirrel

No0000044 Zombie [ancient kaa]

No0000045 Zombie [no more]

No0000046 Bear [full art]

No0000047 Bear [full art]

No0000048 Bear [full art]

No0000049 Bear [full art]

No0000050 Angel [space angel]

No0000051 Assassin [deathtouch, haste]

No0000052 Ajani - Avatar Token [vomit session]

No0000053 Angel [space babe]

No0000054 Beast [llama]

No0000055 Angel [sword & spellbook]

No0000056 Zombie

No0000057 Cat [虎 2011]

No0000058 DQ [full art]

No0000059 Cat [hang in there]

No0000060 Dragon (4/4)

No0000061 Dragon (5/5)

No0000062 Zombie [no more]

No0000063 Skeleton Wizard [event]

No0000064 Soldier [rusted suns & pale roses, bw]

No0000065 Human [kali]

No0000066 Goblin [full art]

No0000067 Human [tyler]

No0000068 DQ [full art]

No0000069 Soldier [歌う, blue]

No0000070 Rat (Goblin Misprint)

No0000071 Soldier [master chief]

No0000072 Soldier [master chief]

No0000073 Snake

No0000074 Snake

No0000075 Soldier [master chief]

No0000076 Soldier [master chief]

No0000077 Cat [buddy]

No0000078 Elemental Shaman

No0000079 Snake [deathtouch, blue]

No0000080 Snake [deathtouch, green]

No0000081 No More Light

No0000082 No More Light

No0000083 No More Light

No0000084 Not Derelor

No0000085 Not Derelor

No0000086 Not Derelor

No0000087 Jesus of Suburbia

No0000088 Soldier [rusted suns & pale roses]

No0000089 Cat [self portrait]

No0000090 Cat [self portrait]

No0000091 Cat [self portrait]

No0000092 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000093 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000094 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000095 Human [Ashley, taco]

No0000096 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000097 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000098 Human [Ashley, screaming]

No0000099 Snake

No0000100 Snake

No0000101 Dragon (5/5)

No0000102 Dragon (6/6)

No0000103 Dragon (6/6)

No0000104 Dragon (5/5)

No0000105 Angel [space angel]

No0000106 Angel [space babe, full art]

No0000107 Angel [space angel]

No0000108 Angel [space babe, full art]

No0000109 Angel [space angel]

No0000110 Angel [space babe, full art]

No0000111 Monarch

No0000112 Monarch

No0000113 Monarch

No0000114 Monarch

No0000115 Monarch

No0000116 Monarch

No0000117 Monarch

No0000118 Bear [werebear warlord]

No0000119 Bear [werebear warlord]

No0000120 Bear 

No0000121 Bear [full art]

No0000122 Bear 

No0000123 Cat [hang in there]

No0000124 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000125 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000126 Cat [buddy]

No0000127 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000128 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000129 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000130 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000131 Cat [虎 2011]

No0000132 Cat [hang in there]

No0000133 Cat [虎 RRR]

No0000134 Treasure

No0000135 Treasure

No0000136 No More Light

No0000137 No More Light

No0000138 Squirrel

No0000139 Squirrel

No0000140 Squirrel

No0000141 Squirrel

No0000142 Squirrel

No0000143 Squirrel

No0000144 Squirrel

No0000144 Not Derelor

No0000145 Zombie [potato]

No0000146 Zombie [potato]

No0000147 Zombie [potato]

No0000148 Cat [gawked, red border]

No0000149 Cat [gawked, red border]

No0000150 Cat [gawked, red border]

No0000151 Goblin [full art, red border]

No0000152 Treasure / Dragon

No0000291 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000292 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000293 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000294 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000295 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000296 Goblin [Pre-Boseju]

No0000297 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

No0000298 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

No0000299 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

No0000300 Rat [Pre-Boseju]

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