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pencil to pen to watercolour to pen.

i have to price this at $333 for 3 reasons:
1) to acknowledge Jack White's fascination with the number 3

2) i fucking absolutely love this painting almost more than anything i've ever made

3) to acknowledge my usage of "333" in nearly every password i've ever used. please don't guess my passwords <3


if there are any two creations i have made and wanted to boast about, one would be this here painting and the second half of Spring Break 1969: The Movie. i don't think i have ever created something this electric. i am so happy with it and i feel like i need a dang manager to configure me to make more things similar to this. this man is so far beyond a role model to me


i made this on #Strathmore mixed media paper, vellum surface

• 140lb. cover bright white (300 g/m2)

• 22.86 x 30.48 cm. / 9 x 12 in.

• acid free & built to fucking last




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JACK WHITE — 23 x 30 cm. (original)

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