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War-torn Cheddaria is spending around 15% of its planetary GDP on military defense and 13% on applicable and experimental R&D. There's never been a better time in the 7th Millennium to have cheddar cheese as your planets primary export. Xes VICMLXIX rages, a battle born of excessive and fearless manifestation, the leading cause of today's troubles. You know what, it's likely the leading cause of universal crisis for the last six centuries. Heaven and Hell both scour the Field of the Dead daily in search of their fair share of souls to claim, literally. She screams the word hope as he bellows the word hollow, as if their single-word-vocabularies were destined to remain that way. The way in which they roam is so far supernaturally past that feeling you get when you put on your favourite song—it is Childhood's End but it never ends. They dance drowning in blindness of each-other.

Mortality is unforgiving, then and now.

Let's spend a minute learning about Father Bundy, Cheddaria's leading embryologist. He is a human male, spending his days on said planet, initially funded to identify and enhance the pivotal growth stages of planet hoppers. His head is rotting with logic and seeps mathematics. He has failed to develop a reason to tangle in emotion. A lifetime desolate of intimacy, yet a lifetime righteous to obtain the perfect son the only way he knows how. $. He does exactly that. It's a profitable era for science. Money can't buy you everything, but it can buy Bundy a son. Now simply treat the word son as if it said template.

Wagner has only two pairs of shorts. Both blue with yellow print: one with stars, one with goldfish. It's a shame his pre-teen bliss-bomb days of hacky sack and soda pop are coming to an end.

I hate to do this to you, but there is a time and place for everything and this is neither the time nor place. You can try your best to put it all together, but I'm not going to let your speculation realize itself. These details are just too dejected and/or comically confidential to spill unless sealed within hardback fiction novel. Time to move on.

Look, I am aware that I have asked my fair share of blatantly insensible questions throughout life. Fumbling from the gums and in and out of obliviousness, thank you so much to anyone who has been on the receiving end of a collapsing query of mine. Okay. Let's talk about forts. Couch forts. I mean TerribleInquiry™. JK I already have been. Really, what are you even reading.

August 2019—The Dead Weather, or anything MyLordAndSavior™ Jack White has soaked himself into are bombing my ears. Vantage rules everything around me and has for far too long. I'm in that phase where I need to find something new to listen to and the second I find it, I'll forget I was ever searching. Since I'm writing this in 2021 and reflecting on 2019, I can truly say thanks Tay. The ones that stuck and hit the sweet spot happened to be Ishome by Ken Tavr and Goodnight Gotham by Rihanna. I keep getting so fucking far off track.

People ask stupid questions all the time. Some people ask more than others. I won't name names, but someone I used to work with really had a knack for it and that truly ignited this scene in my head. Hey, guess what, I'm not here to define stupid, either. I will always try my fucking hardest to extract an art title or chuckle born from foolishness.

Here we have myself asking myself the unimaginable. No greater I am than anyone pitching or catching the verse. I am just the one here over-analyzing the scope of speech being denied by the one pushed to process it. I am everyone and everything in my art and I always have been. There has never been a thought otherwise. I mean that more than anything in the galaxy. I wrote Wagner and Father Bundy into fable and their story neither ends nor begins here. But, like I said, these details are just too dejected and/or comically confidential to spill unless sealed within hardback fiction novel.

I am so good at being my biggest fan. I am so good at making myself smile. I am so good at believing in myself. I always have been. I am so good and botching those statements. I always have been. I am typing this trying to come up with a stylistic source of inspiration, looking back perhaps Will Laren may have sparked a niche inside of me. A friend introduced me to his work in 2012 and he has remained one of my all-time favourite creators since.

This drawing was completed on August 8, 2019, on some watercolour stock, with pencil, then Tombow pen, finally topped with my most favourite special dream land colouring medium: oil pastel. I am so deeply appreciative of the small amounts of IRL feedback I have been gifted regarding this image. I love you all so much. If you are reading this, thank you so god damn much.


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I don't know what I'm doing but I'm having fun doing it lol

One of my favourite songs is the aforementioned Childhood's End by Pink Floyd.

My favourite commander right now is Kwain, Itinerant Meddler.

Hi Tay :)


Jesse / xaxabel

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